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Busy day.

Lunch at Golden Griddle, to remind us why we don't go there more often.

Then, to the new Big Box stores across the street; yay temporary car! We picked up some wine and some storage bins.

Then, to Best Buy, where we got ourselves a 25" tv. Yay.

Note Bene: if you are interested in our old t.v., we will be considering a) an interest free loan with the understanding that we might some day ask for the tv back, or b) selling the old thing for around $30 for good.

I don't want to throw it out, since it still works well; I bought it with my allowance back in grade seven.

Now we're home, with an apartment crammed to the gills with stuff that's strewn everywhere, and an intent to set up the tv, and clear the couch off so we can curl up on it with our monster bean bag chair.

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