Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Asshole switch set to "full"

I am being a grumpy jerk right now.

As a result, I am considering isolating myself from people a much as possible until I'm able to deal with humanity again.

I'm being and ass because I was being an idiot last week.

You see, sometime between late December and last week, I must have bruised the inside of my elbow joint, and not noticed it.

Then, on Wednesday at kung fu, all the punching caused my elbow to hurt quite a bit the next day. Undaunted, I went to the gym Thursday night and, among other things, lifted weights. This, as it turns out, was not the brightest of ideas. At my last exercise, lat pulldowns, I did one and a half reps, then decided that to go on would hurt my elbow, so I stopped.

Well, it seems that the sore elbow shifted the stress points of the lat pulldown, because my shoulder is rather torn up now. If I move it in the wrong way, it's quite painful, and today it's moved onto a sort of constant low pain. Thursday night, I didn't really notice anything wrong with my shoulder, but it seems to be getting worse.

It's the constant pain that's got me acting like a jerk; it's mild enough that I can block it out, but doing so makes me fuzzy headed and grumpy. I've maxed out my advil dose for today.

Work tomorrow should be fun. Then, to the nutritionist before finally getting home around 9:30.
Tags: medical

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