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TTC Hell

The trip in this morning sucked.

I was planning to get in for 9:30, and stay until 6 p.m.. Because I am going to kung fu tonight, there's no reason for me to leave work before 6; I'll just end up sitting around trying to think of something to do while I wait kung fu to start. Also, staying 30 min late Monday means I can leave 30 min early on Tuesday, when leaving early can make a big difference.

So, I left with an aim to get to work around 9:30. I got to the subway station at 8:30, which is cutting it a bit close, but still ok.

Then the voice comes over the intercom; "we are experiencing a delay at our dundas station with a passenger assistance alarm". Annoying, but should only cost me 5-10 minutes.

Then, a couple minutes later, I realize that there is a train sitting half way out of our station. As in, it started to leave, but then stopped for some reason.

"We are currently experiencing a problem at our Rosedale station with a medical emergency. Emergency personnel have been dispatched, etc, etc."

By the time the problem at Dundas got cleared up, a new problem had arisen at Queen. And things were still a mess at Rosedale.

It was after 9 by the time things got moving and I got to Bloor, where I switch directions, and start heading west instead of south.

It was 10 by the time I got here.


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