Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Friday report

Like neeuqdrazil, I was exhausted today, and couldn't keep my eyes open. To keep myself going, I had not one, but two cups of coffee. I am normally completely caffeine free, so my tolerance is extremely low. Also, drinking caffeine gives me chest pains. So, I expect to pay for my indulgence.

Work was fairly laid back, though busy enough that I didn't get through my backlog of CoU e-mails.

At 3:30, my soon0to0be project manager came over and told me I could go home early, and offered me a ride to the subway station. As a permanent pedestrian, I never turn down an offer of a ride, so I ended up at home before 5, on a friday, which was pretty nice.

I took advantage of the extra time to get myself partly organized for clubbing, and doing some dishes.

I also made a pitcher of fruit smoothies. I think I may be turning into a yuppie fitness dink.

The smoothy held me over until it was time to meet mspiggyoncrack and pez_minotaur for sushi. yummy, yummy sushi.

Then, to Savage Garden for goth clubbing. The guest DJ, one of the band members from Epsilon Minus, wasn't quite playing the stuff I like to dance to; I wanted music to be either harder and faster, or slower and more mellow. It was too in-between for my tastes.

I think the crowd agreed; by the time we left at around 1am, the dance floor was only half full, which is unusual. Also, the sound system continues to worsen; at one point, all I could hear for a few minutes was a buzzing noise. I knew that there was music playing because I could feel the bass, but the sound was cranked so high, all that came out was a buzz that hurt my head.

The important part, though, was that I got to dance a lot, and dress up all silly.

I had a bit of a shock tonight when I realized that my 20 holes steel toe combats don't quite fit any more; the smaller toes on each foot are a bit bruised. I bought the boots when I was still 18, and I'm 25 now. My feet are slightly wider than they were then. I can't believe I've been doing this for 7 years...

The caffeine seems to be in my system still... I'm not ready to sleep, though I'm terribly dehydrated, even after a bottle of gatorade. I notice that Zil's fruit smoothie is still in the fridge where I left it at 6pm. I claim right of salvage.

I should stop typing and finish getting ready for bed.

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