Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Skipping kung fu tonight. I noticed that standing up was making my head throb. Also, my stupid ass shoulder injury han't fully healed yet.

I think I need new speakers for my computer. These ones are getting kind of muddy.

I used to think Harvey's Swiss Chalet and Golden Griddle were delicious places to eat when I was younger. Now, they're more places I regard as junk food, the sort of thing I eat when I can't find anything better. Is this just because I'm older, and my dietary needs have changed? (I've heard that kids need more fat and less fibre than adults) Or is it an indictment of soy milk, rice flour buns and gluten free waffles? I'm glad the latter foods exist, for those who need and want them, but I'm more glad that I neither need not want them any longer.

Mmm, waffles!

The typos on the posted menu at the work caf are beginning to get interesting; when they posted the "Ass Sub", I laughed. But, tomorrow, I'm told we can expect "Calm Chowder". I prefer Zen Bisque, but I'm impressed by the selection nonetheless.

My goal is to spend the rest of the evening reading/playing ps2 on the couch, away form the computer for a while, and going to bed early.

Of course, as soon as I typed that, I got paged. It's very inconvenient to be carrying backup pager when the primary support guy isn't answering because today is Eid.

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