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I finally remembered one of my dreams last night. I suspect that I remembered it because I finished dreaming, woke up, and then the alarm went off, instead of having my dream fractured by my bedside klaxon.

I dreamt that I could fly. Not that unusual in itself, but every other flying dream I've ever had, started with me sitting in lotus position, then levitating up from there, and moving around. This time, in the dream I realized that I didn't have to do that, that I could just float right off the ground from standing. I was in a park, in autumn. I floated over a tall fence into a disused tennis court, and then back out again.

While I was floating out, I thought about how many people were able to fly, though most of them couldn't do what I was doing anymore. They'd lost the trick. There were several shabbily dressed people on the outside of the tennis court reaching up towards me, wanting the secret of flight from me.

I flew down the street, and through an alley. I realized that, since I was flying, I should be singing, like an angel, though my voice isn't that good. I was singing about how wonder woman had gotten old, as I flew past her where she was sitting, her wrinkled face coated with thick white makeup. I passed the flash as well, though he hadn't gotten quite as old.

As I flew down the town's main street, over the sidewalk, about 10' up, I headed towards the comic book shop, which, as all comic book shops in my dreams, was Bushman Games, which used to have a store in Streetsville (this is the town I was in) and Oakville. Bushman's looked after my comic book and gaming needs from age 8 to 18. When I entered the store, I recalled a previous dream, wherein I discovered that Bushman's had been redesigned. It now featured a health food section on the main floor, with games and comics downstairs. I tried to fly down the stairs, but couldn't; I noticed that they had an "Ace Dampener" (aces are super powered people form the Wild Cards books). Some kids wanted to mess with it so they could do superpower stuff, but I told them not to; after all, there could be an explosion from tampering with something like that.

After that, I wandered upstairs, and helped a confused older woman find the homeopathic remedy or vitamin she was looking for. I was looking at knives or power tools at the time, though still in the comic book shop. The real Bushman's, in it's twilight days, shared space with a frozen yogurt joint. I have no idea if the Streetsville store is still open.
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