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Feb. 25th, 2003

Last night, I dreamt an Ambercon game. I was running the game, but hadn't prepared anything for some reason. One of the people playing in the game, who had had the original idea, but didn't run the game, had a deck of spell cards from some other game. The two players were playing 15 point shadow wizards, who got their spells from three of the spell cards, selected at random. By the time I had figured out how everything worked, and got ready to start, there were only 5 minutes left in the slot. The room had a big analog wall clock, like a school. The entirety of the game consisted of me telling the players that they had just met Merlin ("a dark-haired man with a striped horse" was the description given), and then Merlin did something very clever with one of the three cards he was holding.

Despite only having 5 minutes to play, the players seemed relatively satisfied, particularly the guy who'd brought the cards, though they wanted to play again now that all the details were worked out.

I remember this dream clearly, because after it was finished, I woke up. Which I did a lot last night; waking up. I remember 2am, 3:30 am, and 5:20 am, before being shaken from a deep sleep by the klaxon at 6:25.


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