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I am probably more irritated than I should be by the current crop of pop bands with punk images (Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, arguably Pink, etc.) I mean, I'm not and never have been particularly punk. But it still pisses me off to a surprising extent.

I had a dream last night where I went to the Oscars. I remember thinking that I had had the same dream before, and, as always, I was going with Will Smith and his family. I have never had that dream before, as far as I can remember. In any case, before long I was in a furiously paced sword fight with a middle-aged blonde actress. She was using two straight bladed, double-edged swords, while I had a single broad machete-type sword. All of the weapons were kung fu movie/demo type swords, with the thin blades of spring steel, so they wobble somewhat when whizzed around.

Christina Ricci looks like she's starving herself. Every time I see a recent picture of her, I want to give her a tub of ice cream, because she looks malnourished.

I am listening to a CD of mp3s that I made for the NightPig collective. I expect it to confuse and delight it's intended audience.

I downloaded music videos off the net last night. I think that I will avoid ever going to a Nine Inch Nails concert. One of my downloads was a live video of "Hurt". The audience was moshing. to hurt. WTF is wrong with people? They were behaving with sufficient stupidity that Trent cracked a smile at one point. Again, the song being performed was Hurt. I hate mankind.

I was also extremely disappointed to discover that the video I downloaded for David Bowie's "Heart's Filthy Lesson" was a bunch of crap from some anime with the Bowie song playing over top.

But I got more Invader Zim!

I can hook my work laptop up to my tv. Perhaps I should host an Invader Zim marathon some time.

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