Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Busy day today.

Zil and I got our money order, and booked our hotel room for TBR, including STB space.

I went to the gym and, despite feeling like crap, had a very intense more than two hour workout that I'm probably not going to feel until late sunday.

After that, Zil and I went shopping. I dislike shopping, so I don't do it often. Which means, when I shop, I Shop.

Far too much money was spent. But, I now have a new studded belt that fits, a pair of work pants that don't feel like they're falling off, some new dress shoes, and a new trenchcoat.

I also stocked up on comics, and miles vorkosigan books.

After that, we grabbed dinner at the bish, and went to the movies.

We saw Daredevil, which was much better than the reviews had led me to expect. I liked it, and could stand to see it again, though perhaps not in theatres.

I need to get my hands on the Elektra era Daredevil comics.

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