Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Last night's dreams

Last night's dreams featured;

The Hulk swallowing a nuclear bomb to keep it from killing people; the blast wasn't strong enough to go far outside the building in any case, but there were a lot of people inside the building, which in some ways resembled Sheridan College.

Lizard's parents, who had candy in their house.

A band, just starting out, in England, at the home of one of the band members. The band member whose parent's home it was considered somewhat fragile, and was quiet and a bit withdrawn. The parents weren't happy about their son going off to play in a band, and cautioned the band members to look after him. The parents were, just before this segment started, Lizard's parents, but then weren't. The band itself reminded me of either Bauhaus or Joy Division.

Me running naked through the streets of suburban Oakville. I had had a shower at one house, and had left my clothes in another house, and had to run between the two to get dressed. This is a recurring theme in my dreams; sometimes, I'm aghast when I realize that I'm naked. Sometimes, like last night, it just seems natural that I would be naked in the streets, even though no one else is. In last night's dream, I just covered my groin with my left hand and kept walking. This seemed to satisfy the prudish 1950's couple driving by in their large car.

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