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2 glasses of absinthe + 2 clove cigarettes + encouragement = enough courage to go outside wearing nothing over my upper body besides a fishnet top and bondage cuffs.

'Twas a fun night. Excellent dinner, excellent wine, absinthe, good beer, good looking company, good beer, good music, and dancing in enormous boots.

Now, Gatorade while I ride out the drunkenness.

I may get a new userpic out of this.

Ok, so I've been informed that my total for the evening was actually three large glasses of absinthe (so, at least 5 "standard drinks"), 1/2 a bottle of excellent australian shiraz (2.5 standard drinks, give or take), 2 stubbies of waterloo dark beer, and a rye and ginger. This explaines why I am still drunk.

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