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When I got to kung fu tonight, I saw one of the older teachers who'd been around since J. resigned the club, putting up a sign. It seems that the Jing Mo kung fu club is closed, for good, as fall out of the political mess that's been going on.

So, I now find myself without a place to study martial arts, for a minimum of two months; there's no point in finding a new school before I move. I guess I'll be hitting the gym more often, and there's no longer any point is staggering my schedule so that I'm at work late every other day for kung fu.

I'd been considering leaving Jing Mo since J. left in any case, but I'd not planned on doing anything about it until after the move. I'll likely end up back in jujutsu somewhere once we've moved. I found that I liked J.'s flavour of kung fu more than the more "traditional Jing Mo Hung Gar" that the other instructors did. J., who also holds a black belt in jujutsu, also teaches at the jujutsu club I used to go to in Oakville.

It might be nice to finally get my black belt, which is possible if I end up in jujutsu again, after a year or two of re-learning what I've lost over the past few years.

Feeling a bit down over all this. First, J. leaves, then we get kicked out of our appt., then Jing Mo closes. Next, I'll have to figure out if I have to leave my gym (depending on where we end up, I might stay at the current joint). And there's always the job spectre. Lots of changes, mostly out of my control.

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