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Kirsten's Useless Trivia Quiz.

-If you were a supreme being, your subjects would address you as:
either "Hey you!" or "Oh crap!"

-The most annoying web site you can think of:

-What you would never keep in a bag of holding:
A cactus? a vorpal blade that goes snicker-snack?

-A language that you would like to be fluent in:
Japanese. Latin. Scots. Gaelic.

-Music you listen to when you don't feel so super:
Um. Most of my music falls under the general umbrella of goth shit. Specifically, though, when I'm really bad, it's my cheesy old Type O Negative, Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" or select Nine Inch Nails songs.

-Something that you really learned from you education system:

-Your favourite kind of cheese:
Smoked cheese, today.

-The ugliest animal you ever saw was:
a dog.

-A seven-letter word you might use to describe yourself:

-The toe on your foot that you like the least:
The one next to the big toe. It gets caught on stuff. On the other, um, hand, it can be used to pick stuff up.

-The age of the oldest living person in your family:
I think my grandmother's aunt, "Aunt Charlotte" is still alive; she'd be over 100. But then again, I don't know if we'd hear if she died.

-The stoopidest thing you've ever said:
Was unintentionally a lot cruder than I meant it to be.

-What you always take with you when you travel:
If possible, my standard kit; wallet, keys, knives, photon light, and backpack survival stuff.

-An word you may have been using a lot recently:

-A neat colour for your blood to be, but luckily it isn't:

-What object you would like to see dropped from a very tall building:
The planet Earth.

-What you regularly got in to trouble doing as a kid:
What I did bore little relation to whether or not I got in trouble.

-How you feel about spiders:
Friendly little guys who eat the critters I don't like.

-The stoopidest nickname ever given to you:

-Explain the platypus:
Quasi-pharic Endogynic Mendelsohn Effects.

-Something you'd like to microwave, but are afraid of the results:
A bowl of plasma.

-How you dress your hamburger (or veggieburger):
Mustard or cheese.

-The colour of your bathroom towel:
Blue, sometimes black.

-Pick a random date and time, and give it significance:
January 27th, 3006 at 14:52; the hour of the Resurrection of the Night and the Fall of Tomorrow's Men.

-The most annoying song in the world:
The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

-A book you've read that had an impact on the way you think:
Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"

-The weapon you would like to use to execute you enemies:
A toothpick. Very, very slowly.

-A body part or appendage you would like more of:
More? Can I have less of something?

-A rough estimate of the number of these silly surveys you've taken thus far:

-The first word you ever spoke:
The first time I spoke, I said "What the heck is that?"

-Where you see yourself in twenty years:
Grey haired, bald and fat.

-If you've named a car or other such vehicle, it was:
My bike is nameless.

-Something you would buy that would arrive in an "inconspicuous brown package":
A kitten.

-A useless trivia question of your own:
How many edged weapons do I own?

-Your favourite hour of the day (and why):
Around 1-2am. This is the hour without limits.

-Your suspected height in centimeters at the time of your first kiss:
Same as now, 180.

-The country you would most like to rule:

-The strangest use for duct tape:

-Your arch nemesis' middle name (or first, if you don't know their middle):
I a have nemesis?

-Something of your parent's that you broke as a child:
A toenail.

-Four interesting words that begin with the same letter as your middle name:
Does anyone have a middle name that doesn't begin with "A"? Anaphylactic, Alliteration, Android, Ambergris

-What you keep in your underwear drawer that isn't underwear:
I think there's a shirt and a couple bandanas in there.

-An estimation of the amount of molecules in yur body, oh, two years ago:
A few more than now.

-A possible explanation for the messed up questions in this survey:
I'll let the Nick Cave song I'm listening to answer that; "Joy had been bound in electrical tape/In her mouth a gag/She's been stabbed repeatedly and stuffed into a sleeping bag"

-The most important decoration in your house:

Bonus: Why Kirsten is amazing:
Because she got me to answer her quiz even though I've never met her.

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