Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Sooo... bored...

Gettign itchy to play SAS again. I'm doodling sketches of the PCs, except for the one swiped directly from a comic, since I know what that guy looks like. In reading the SAS website's posting board, I've found that most people restrict multiple attacks pretty heavily. I'm considering adjusting Shade and Black Panther to make things a bit more even. As for the ridiculous defense problem, I've found some ways to work around that... part of the problem is that, except for Boom, and Dr. Science, all the PCs and NPCs are sort of "Batman" types, who dodge blows rather than take them. So people with really high ACVs and DCVs are going to have to start using trick shots and various tactics to overwhelm. Add to that cutting down multiple attacks and defenses, and I think we'll have a better time of it.

I've also determined that I am being stingy with powers... Sut should be able top change his powers whenever he wants to, without a roll, and Dr. Science should be able to flip on his forcefield to ram people.

I also really need to play test my Nobilis game for ACN...

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