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Friday in the dark

Thursday, I left work at 4pm. Rode down to Islington and Bloor on the bus, and arrived there to hop on the subway at 4:30. As we turned into the station, I noticed that the traffic lights were out, and there was a cop directing traffic. Then I noticed that there was a huge crowd waiting for shuttle buses outside the station, meaning that the subway was out. No big deal; last time that happened, I just walked to the nearest working station, and got myself home.


After discovering that I couldn't get a line out on my cell, and that there were at least 5 bus loads of people waiting at the corner, I decided to walk any way. After a bit, I stopped, and slid on my gym shoes, and tied my combat boots to the loop at the top of my backpack. And off I went, stopping only briefly to grab 2 litres of gatorade and a powerbar to give myself something to run on. I walked, and walked and walked. For three and a half hours, until I got home. For those of you who have walked with me for more than a few minutes, I maintained my standard brisk pace for pretty much the whole way.

A couple nice things; at various busy intersections, people had stopped and gone out to direct traffic, just because it was a good idea. Also, a lot of homes and shops set up water stations, giving out water to poor sweaty wanderers like me.

Even so, by the time I got home, my legs had gone from sore to numb and back to sore again, and I was talking to myself, mostly alternating giggling and saying "Ah, fuck" when my legs reminded me they were attached.

I see this as a kind of validation of my exercise regime; part of why I keep working out is so that, when push comes to shove, I can get what I need form my body. And, in this case, my body pulled through. there's some soreness in my leg muscles, but not much more than I'd get from a heavy night at the gym, excepting the blisters on my feet.

Once I got home, Zil and I made tuna sandwiches (since the mayo wouldn't last the night) and read outside until we lost our light. Then we went inside and read by candle light until we fell asleep.

This morning, we still had no power. This means, no subways, meaning no way to get to work. My office called and told me to stay home in any case. Breakfast was a couple luna bars and some water. We lounged around until lunch time, at which point we packed up some peanut butter sandwiches and some powder-mixed gatorade, and biked over to the park to read and eat. After that, we biked around a bit, got some vegetables and checked to see what else was open. By the time we got home, we had power again.

The grocery store was still closed, though, so dinner was collected from the veggies we'd bought, and what we could find at the convenience store. I discovered that I kind of like black pepper beef jerky. We used it in our pasta; beef jerky, alfredo sauce, red and green peppers and onions, over pasta. Fairly nice, actually. Though I'm hoping we can get some real food at the grocery store tomorrow.

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