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This is a bit mind bending...

SexTV is doing a bit that has PETA going up against Andrea Dworkin. Dworkin is accusing PETA of denigrating women, of treating women in the same way that PETA complains about people treating animals, because PETA produces all those ads featuring naked women (I'd rather wear nothing than wear fur, etc). There's something, I dunno, not ironic, perhaps post-modern? I can't think of the right word... Anyway, I think it's pretty strange to watch two extreme political forces do what they do, media-wise, to each other.

God bless Moses Znaimer.


Aug. 18th, 2003 12:53 pm (UTC)
Yes, and women in porn are there because they want to be, too. It doesn't matter for Dworkin's POV; remember, all het sex is rape because it's based on the inequality of power between the man and woman, and has inherent in it a degredation/domination of the woman involved. Similarly, even if a woman "wants" to pose naked for a cause, it is still degrading and damaging to the woman in particular, and all women in general.

This is why it was so mind-bending to watch...
Aug. 18th, 2003 01:28 pm (UTC)
ok, i attempted to read some of her work so i could get a better feel for who she is
i think i failed d:
at least, i think i did in the quick skim
i think i'd have to read her work in much more depth to get a real feel for what she thinks because what she writes just seems so weird, its hard to parse

except for her comment on vargas girls... i figured out that she thinks they are pornagraphic smut that denigrates women
she really really reminds me of some of those weird literary criticists that i never could understand in that snippet d:

but um, yeah... definitely an extreme personality

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