Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Spent yesterday running around the RennFest again. Much fun was had. I have the vague emotional impression that I spent the day flirting with random women, but as near as I can remember, I didn't flirt with anyone all day long. Very confusing.

Today at work, it's dark and warm, since we're trying to conserve power. The lights are all off, which is fine for the bigwigs with offices; all the offices are on the outside of the building, so only important people get sunlight. The A/C is, I think, off, though the fans are rattling and making a lot of noise moving warm air. So it's dark and warm, and quiet except for the rattling of fans.

It's very soporific. I'm craving tea badly. Some good, strong St. Michael's earl grey, for example... unfortunately, if I drank it, I wouldn't sleep tonight, possibly at all. Hopefully lunchtime will invigorate me.

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