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i suck...

I am dumb. I'm still suffering from Tuesday night's workout; my calves are now sore enough that I'm walking with a cane, because limping hurts. So I'm running around leaning on my sword cane, which has been re-stuffed with paper towel to keep the blade from clanging.

In other news, I've been put on emergency notification at work, in case of rolling blackouts, which means I have a bonus pager, and that I have to carry my laptop around with me. I'm supposed to be getting paid for this, but I'll beleive it when I see it. After the hell day yesterday (crisis all day long, had to eat lunch while I worked because there was no time for a break, all day long), I figure I'm entitled to an extra 1.5 hrs off this week (no lunch break, plus I worked 8:30 to 5). So, I could justify leaving work at 3 today, since I got in at 8:30. I think I'll stick it out until 4:30, though, and leave at 3 tomorrow.

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