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the restof the weekend

The rest of the weekend has gone better than my sugar crazed Saturday night.

I've had two days with shiny black nails. I'd forgotten how much I like the way it looks on me.

Sunday morning, we finally figured out why we've been sneezing every time we walk into the living room for the past four weeks; the mattress on our couch/bed had gotten damp and mildewed in a couple spots. So, we took it outside for treatment.

The first step was to get rid of as much of the dust inside the mattress as possible. To that end, I beat the hell out of it with my bokken, kicking up clouds of dust. This was, of course, pretty stupid, since I'm violently allergic to something that grows in dust (but not the dust itself). Hence, I spent the next two hours wheezing while my throat swelled shut. In the mean time, Zil sprayed the mattress with bleach and water. I actually managed to pull the muscles in my neck from sneezing and coughing so hard.

After that, my parents came up with their car, and drove us around looking for boxes. We didn't get much in the way of free boxes, but we did get some stuff we needed from home despot and spend $40 on 18 banker's boxes.

Equipped with newly purchased dust masks, I attacked the mattress again, without the nearly dying this time.

After that, we came inside, packed for a while, and made a tasty dinner, followed by daiquiris and then Six Feet Under. At that point Zil went to sleep, while I spent several hours playing the Giant Monster Game as the Giant Monkey.

This morning, more packing and more packing, and now we're watching Family Guy DVDs. And hey, neither of us are sneezing today!

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