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aaaand we're back.

Man, I'll be glad to get out of this basement... it's a gorgeous sunny day outside, but it's dark enough in the living room that I'm probably going to have to put a light on in a minute.

So, for the moving , I bought;

  • 4 pack of Mike's lemonade

  • 4 pack of Mike's cranberry lemonade

  • 6 pack of Guinness; I wanted to get Waterloo Dark, but they didn't have any!

  • 9 bottles of Gatorade

I also bought two bottles of wine and a bottle of absinthe, for the toga party and for ACN.

I carried all of this in my army backpack on my bike through Mt. Pleasant cemetery, going very slowly. After the stop at the grocery store, I must have been carrying something like 200lbs on my back.

I got the bare minimum foodwise; I was going to stock up for tomorrow, but then I realised it would be easier to stop at the grocery store near the new place and get food into the newer, bigger fridge/freezer there.

Now, to tackle the mountain of filth that is our kitchen.

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