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Well, our internet is fixed. What fixed it? I got paranoid and recycled everything, and stuff is magically working now.

On the down side, we still don't have clean clothes; we went to do laundry tonight, and realised that we hadn't enough change to do even one load of laundry. We'll have to buy a couple rolls of loonies and quarters tomorrow night, if possible, and get stuff done tomorrow night. Any much longer and I'll be at the stage of trying to improvise underwear from things I find around the apartment.

Went to the gym tonight, and had a decent workout. I worked my arms to the point where I didn't have the strength left in my triceps to get my shirt off; I had to take it off sideways to shower. I did, however stop at a point where I should be able to go again tomorrow if I take it easy, and, more importantly, if I get sleep tonight.

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