Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

blinded by the Linky, torn up like a Link by the Linkies of the night!

Feds rush to decriminalise pot; So I was wrong, and they're not going to wait for Martin. If they pass this, I suspect that the Liberals might win some traditional NDP supporters over.
We only have HOW much? The traditonal "Oh-shit"ing of a new Provincial government, as McGuinty realises that he can't pay for his promises.
Speaking of "Oh Shit"... Quebec Justice Minister's estranged daughter shows up on a stripper website, and may apparently be linked through strip clubs to the Hell's Angels.
The US isn't the only one to be running around arresting people with new laws in a scary way. I didn't hear about the not withstanding clause being invoked, so it's possible that these guys might be given constitutionally correct treatment.
Canada steps away from a national ID card. For now...

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