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Positive things

I'm in a fairly good mood tonight. The day sucked; it was dar4k and rainy, and the TTC was packed, and humid and smelly. I was exhausted all day. But this evening is going well.

I went to the nutritionist tonight, and discovered that thanksgiving only gave me an extra half pound, so given how madly I was eating, that means that I'm still on track, despite how horribly my mind has been telling me I was for the last few weeks.

I found a white wine I like! Mission Hill's Sauvignon Blanc is a nice, sweet, fruity wine. I generally find white wines too sharp. But, white is what the food called for this evening...

On food; I improvised tonight, and it worked out well; we had a block of frozen chicken thighs, and no time to wait for them to thaw. So, I cooked them in chicken stock and the aforementioned white wine to get it to thaw. Then I added garlic and onions, a lot of paprika (some sweet, some hot), and a pile of red and green peppers. When it was all cooked, I poured on some low fat sour cream and served it with a couple hunks of bread. Tasty!

I love experimenting with food. Growing up, food was generally prepared from a fairly small list of tried and true recipes. My mom doesn't really love cooking; for her, it's more something she does because she has to, and because no one else does. She also inherited a tendency to overcook vegetables from her mother, so things tended to be a bit bland in general. Since moving in with Zil, though, I've been having more and more fun cooking, and cooking well. Making food has become another creative outlet for me.


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Oct. 14th, 2003 07:08 pm (UTC)
If you like sweet white wines, have you tried the Piesporter yet? Be sure to spend a bit more and get the one labeled 'mit predikat'. They were all I would drink for years.

My tastes have since changed and now I am a fan of a good cabernet savignon or a shiraz blend. Been drinking a lot of Australian wines lately.
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