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Woo hoo!

I bought a couple cables, and moved the FM transmitter out into the living room; I now have Zil's stereo playing the same signal as my desktop in the office! True, there's wires running out into the living room, but we had to have that already for the cable modem.

The signal is decent, at least right now, but I'm still at pretty much the maximum range for the transmitter, so it's easy to interfere with. I should probably just break down and get another 40' of RCA cable and plug it directly into the stereo, but for now, I have a workable solution.

So, that's one less thing for me to stress about this week.

Now, on to the other things to stress about...

Edit: I just realised tht I've also got enough cable to put my video display onto the TV... if I can get a fancy winamp plugin to display over that, with the music split...

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