Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

woo hoo!

Costumes are all done now!

Now all I need to do is get the apartment cleaned up and the pumpkin carved.

Also, pez_minotaur rocks in ways I had not previously thought possible.

Tomorrow, I'll be back at work as the Dread Pirate Matthew Roberts, complete with mask and sword. I'll try to remember to get Zil to take a picture before I leave home or something.

One perk of this costume is that I get to run around work armed all day. Only with a wall-hanger sword, but I expect to enjoy the experience nonetheless. Work's not doing a Hallowe'en contest this year, which means no free candy, but that's fine; I will get more than enough candy this year anyway. I'm somewhat curious to see if anyone else bothers to dress up; most of the people in my office don't seem that interested in Hallowe'en, and I think the HR people have been told not to get too excited about it.

Anyway, 6 am is going to be early tomorrow, and I am tired.

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