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I woke up this morning an hour late; I apparently turned off the alarm yesterday morning, and left it switched off. I woke up during the tail end of a dream, which was more a mixture of three dreams.

One dream had me in college again. There was a final project to work on, but I'd missed a class, and didn't know what it was about, and had no one to work with. I only knew about the big assignment becuase the_doughboy told me.

Another involved neeuqdrazil and I, in the living room of whatever odd apartment we were in, in a state of partial undress. There were other friends of mine in the room as well, and various naughty things were going on. It wasn't an erotic dream at all, oddly enough; the emotional feel of the dream wasn't sexual. rather, it was more about having fun; like this was something to do when hanging out with friends, like playing Muppet Monopoly.

The third dream was more like something out of a horror movie. There was a ghost type thing running around off screen. When he was alive, he had been a necrophiliac who had sex with dead relatives. There was a scrapbook of sketches and watercolours of corpses dressed up in tuxedos and wedding dresses, the bodies in various states of decay.

There was another scene in which I watched a woman with long honey-coloured hair flip through a large, black bound sketchbook (not scrapbook this time). The paintings in the sketchbook were all done in red and black on white, and were generally creepy (screaming faces, etc.; not far off from the sort of thing I doodle when I'm very depressed or panicked, except painted in red and black on white paper). I knew at that point that I had done the paintings, but that I was not the necrophiliac ghost/killer. I think I woke up just before the honey-haired woman realised I was there.

I wandered back and forth between the three of these dreams, but the last was where I was when I woke up.

Also, the last dream was not a nightmare; I wasn't afraid, I was just in a horror movie/book/thing, which is why there were horrible things happening.
Tags: dreamtime

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