Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

weekend update

Sometimes, I forget that I haven't talked about my weekend, because others (like neeuqdrazil, tafkar and quinnclub ) have already talked about stuff; I don't think that there's anyone who actually reads my journal that doesn't read at least one of those others.

At any rate...

This will have to be brief, since I want to go home...


Friday, we came home, finished tidying, and ate dinner while waiting for tafkar and quinnclub to arrive. Eventually, we got a quinnclub, but tafkar got trapped behind an evil gate, so we went to rescue her.


Saturday featured sushi, booze lust at the Summerhill LCBO, and finally, going out.

Out started with dinner at Mezzatta (prolly spelled that wrong) with northbard and mzrowan. Both dinner and compamny were wonderful.

After that, we retired back to Beta Colony to re-group. And, oddly enough, we nearly re-assembled into another larger group when Pez, StB, Jose and Webby appeared, but they decided that they weren't dressed for gothclubbing, so they eventually left.

tafkar wasn't up to more chaos, so she stayed home while the rest of us went gothclubbing. Clubbing was nice; I got to dance and flail, though I wished tht I had taken a hair tie; inhaling my own hair makes dancing difficult, and it's harder to flail safely with a cloud of hair obscuring my vision.

As the night went on, I stopped dancing, and realised that my body had turned on lots of aggression, and lots of self-control, turning me into an extemely tense mute. I need to figure out how to make those brain modules function properly.


Sunday featured dim sum, which is always good, and meeting up with some friends of tafkar, S. and J. We also learned that Rol San closes at around 5 on sunday, so they want to shut the kitchen down at 4, which is when we were organized enough to order... Sunday night, everyone else worked on thier projects while I noodled around.


Monday was shopping day; neeuqdrazil and I met up with tafkar who had been downtown meeting yet another friend of hers who had apparated in Toronto. quinnclub stayed at Beta Colony to write.

The girls decided to go clothes shopping, so I fled to the game store, but didn't manage to find most of what I wanted. I was bad, and had fries chips n' gravy from a chip truck outside Nathan Phillip's Square.

When the girls were done shopping, we went to Pages and Fluevog, before splitting up again so the girls could get sexxxy hairdos. I went to buy a smaller studded belt (this is my third now) and some other junk at the place that isn't Silver Cross any more. Then I went to Siren and bought expensive pants that I can't wear to work.

After that, I went home and made risotto. When the girls got home, we ate, then the girls got dressed up all purty. quinnclub took sexxxy pictures while I watched.

After that, there was some much needed smooching! Yay!

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