October 29th, 2001

smirking half-hawk

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This weekend, we sewed.

Some, but not enough. I'm not too worried about my costume; after all, I have friday off, so thursday night and friday morning I can finish things up if need be.

I have some concerns about lizard's costume though. We got too lazy this weekend. Or too tired.

Some day, I will learn how to communicate the designs I get in my head. Making costumes with other peoples' involvement always seem to end up with both of us frustrated and annoyed because no one besides me knows what I am trying to do.

However. The costumes will be ready by friday night. we will be dressed up and ready to rock. It looks like everyone will show up, and wackyness will ensue.

Also, I noticed an odd thing yesterday; we will have an even number of male and female party-goers friday.

We didn't plan it that way, but I think it is a good thing.
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smirking half-hawk


In the spirit of Halloween, let?s have a little fun and come to work in costume on

Please remember to use your discretion and have a horribly good time!!

The boots wil come out. This will be a grat deal of fun.