October 31st, 2001

smirking half-hawk

And I dress this way just to keep them at bay, 'cuz hallowe'en is every day

I am overgothed at work. It is fun. It's kind of interesting to see some people's reactions. Depsite it being hallowe'en, some people still look at me with faces that look scared or angry.

I like the new boots. I'm getting used to them pretty quickly. They are stompy, and big and have metal bits. And when i walk around work with them, my feet make a "boom" sound.

i need to go fix my makeup. I deliberately went for the gothboi who doesn't quite know how to do his makeup properly look, so my eyeliner has smeared underneath, and given me raccoon eyes. Also, my lipstick is half-gone, and half-gone black lipstick loks bad.

I slept really poorly last night. I am tired. I may not work out at kung fu tongight. I may just show up, say hi, then go home.
smirking half-hawk

(no subject)

It is hallowe'en. It feels like a holiday, like I shouldn't be at work, like I should be at home, or out wandering the streets.

I've been reading the livejournals of a few old HS pals this afternoon. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, feeling ripples of the kid I was back then.

It's so odd, how much has changed since then. In some ways, i've peeled back the layers of protection, the ancient scars, and let them heal properly. I've stopped cowering and discovered strength.

I learned what my mutant super power is. I figured out that the thing I once held as the central, unchangeable law in my life, was wonderfully wrong.
smirking half-hawk

(no subject)

Well, I skipped kung fu. That is, I went, sat around for half an hour, then came home. I am very tired.

However, I got to be goth all day long.

Gothy goth goth goth.

I celebrate by making a new pic.