November 7th, 2001

smirking half-hawk


I am bored. Yes. Boredom is me.

There are apparently urgent things just waiting for me to do, real soon, but not quite yet.

I have had enough tooling around with the $FOO web site. I think it is now sufficiently pretty, and even functional.

Now, I sit waiting for something to happen.

I think I will go bother the other Project manager about Nov 17th.

Nov 17th is lizard's birthday. I am on pager this day. This normally means I go nowhere.

Nov 17th is the day of the VNV Nation concert. I already spent a fair hunk of cash on the tickets.

Last night, I realised that I was carrying the pager that day.

K. has said he'll carry the pager for me next week, but then I'll end up owing him a wekk. i don't really want to do that, I want to get my time over and done with.

So, i go to talk to Proj. man. M. to see if I can slip out next Sat. between 6pm and 3am when the applications are all down.

I must endevour to stay awake while i do this. I am sleepy.
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