February 4th, 2002

smirking half-hawk


I have been unable to remotely access my machine today. This is inconvenient for me.

I want irc and usenet, damnit.

I will have to figure out what is going on when I get home. I hope my ISP haven't gone mad with power and started restricting user capabilities left and right.
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smirking half-hawk

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I have just been handed a pager. This is not good. I was not supposed to be on call this week. I am already scheduled to be on call for two weeks this month, starting next week. By the time this is done, I will have been on call for 22 days. Being on call means I can't go out, can't drink, and must be near a phone and laptop at all times.

It also means I have to carry my laptop back and forth to work every day. The thing is a bit on the heavy side, especially when I'm already carrying a gym bag and shoulder bag. Since it's winter, I won't be able to put it down when I'm in transit either.

*sigh* three weeks of this...

On the plus side, I am going to charge the company and extra $200 for this week. The schedule for this pager is supposed to be such that no one gets paid extra pager pay for it (i.e., the holder should already be carrying a different pager). Well, I am getting screwed enough. They're paying me for this.
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