April 22nd, 2002

smirking half-hawk

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I just noticed something about my TBR game selections. If I get all of my first choice, I'll only be creating one original PC, for Amber in Love; the rest will be pre-gen, except for Silence, which uses the elders.

This is quite a change from ACN where I had to come up with something like 5 PCs from scratch.

In a way, it's too bad. I like making up new PCs. On the other hand, it means less pre-con mucking around, so I can spend more time doing contributions for my other amber games...
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smirking half-hawk

I woke up this morning with a shout as I fell out of bed...

This morning was a bit sucky.

I fell asleep standing up in the shower.

I spilled cereal in my lap during breakfast and dropped my spoon on the floor.

I managed to slip and bash a bloody cut in my gums while brushing my teeth.

I was running 30 min. late, so I didn't have time to put together dinner or lunch.

The bus must have been ahead of schedule, because it kept driving very, very slowly, and stopping an unusually long time at stops and corners.

This has been your daily whine.
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smirking half-hawk

Elusive Things

There are a number of things that I've been hunting for, but haven't been able to find anywhere:

  • Laces for my 20 hole combat boots. I need laces at least 90" long.

  • Leatherworking materials. I want to start to make little bits of leather fashion accessories; bracers, chokers and the like. I have no idea where to go to get the tools needed, or, more importantly, the leather to work with.

  • Information on cold rivetting things. I can find info on how to rivet things, but they all seem to assume one is making one's own rievts. This is connected to the previous point.

  • Something to hang my swords off of. This is limited severely by not being able to drill or nail anything into the walls here.

  • A vest. That is, a semi-formal, relatively sedate vest with a watch pocket. They seem to have vanished from all the clothing shops. They were everywhere 5 years ago when I had no money...

  • Cheap used suit jackets. I want to have a couple jackets for wearing when I feel like being slightly more pretentious, but nothing I'd have to worry about getting dirty or sweaty. Something I could wear clubbing if the mood hit.

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