June 29th, 2002

smirking half-hawk

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I am disturbed.

I like the Star Wars Ep. 2 cereal.

Not enough that I'd buy it if it didn't come with a clone army helmet, but enough that I'll manage ot eat a box of it.

This frightens me.
smirking half-hawk

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Thursday night and friday mornign this week were icky.

For those who don't know, we've had an infestation of pests.

So thursday night, we put out two mouse traps and several ant traps.

Friday at 1am, I got paged, and didn't get back to bed until 3am. So at 6:30 when the alarms went off, I was still asleep enough and tired enough to stay half dreaming, and get lost in hallucinations for a bit.

Once I finally woke up, I had to dispose of two mouse corpses, then reset the traps. I checked the kitchen ant trap, and it was surrounded by a pile of ants twitching and wobbling around drunkenly. On account of there being go trash collection, out appt smelled like week old garbage.

On account of my being mostly asleep, I left for work 30 min late. While still 20 min from work, I got a "urgent ASAP" page, and discovered that there's no way to turn the volume on the work cell phone up past "whisper", which is useless in a bus station.

The morning was spent being stressy.

The afternoon, being lazy.

I left work early, got home disposed of another mouse, took the trash out ot the garage and opened all the windows. Then zil came home and we went for pub dinner, movies and ice cream.

This morning, there were two more mice, and now we're off to dim sum.
smirking half-hawk

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Strange... the people on my friends list seem to be posting more than commenting today.

I think Zil may have discovered how to get me to do housework...she rented Gosford Park, and I eventually got bored, and wandered off, and ended up doing all the dirty dishes.