October 9th, 2002


recent history

It's been long enough since my last update, I actually had to go looking to see what it was...

So Saturday night, Kalivor's b-day party, which, while not incredibly well attended. still worked out better than Lizard and I's birthday party last year.

Sunday, it was "Double Ten Day" parade. Basically, our kung fu club participates in a celebration of Taiwanese independence every year. The parade went from the north end of Augusta, around to Dundas, then across Dundas to University, and south to King.

We had out four lions, two drums, and a 50' long dragon, of which I was part. It was fun, as was the food afterwards. I tore up my hands a bit, though. I need to bring gloves next time.

Yesterday, I was wiped out by an impending cold, and an allergic reaction to the air at the office. I was home sick today.

And now, It's just about time for bed again.
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