October 19th, 2002

smirking half-hawk

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I'm incredibly upset. The DVD that was supposed to have Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter on it, was even labelled as Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, does not have that movie on it.

We put it in last night, expecting to see Our Lord kick ass, and instead, we got Species.

Fucking. Species.

At least I had a heap of Samurai Jack to watch to keep us going. So it was ok. I guess.
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smirking half-hawk

(no subject)

much wacky cleaning today.

We were cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs, and discovered that it was rather wet. It seems the shower has been leaking through the wall into the closet. We've had to throw out a few things, and pull everything else out to get dry. Hopefully the carpet hasn't had a chance to get mildewed yet. that would be bad for the whole breathing thing.

We're also defrosting the freezer, so all our food is in coolers on the floor.

And I am going to go get some lunch by chef boyardee.