December 4th, 2002

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Dream Time!

I dreamt that I was out walking with my family, and my Uncle Ted, through a path along a wide ravine (probably somewhere along the Credit River). The ground was dry and pale, and all the trees were leafless, despite it being summer. I was not wearing shoes. My family wanted to go and get something to eat; I was angry with them, because they had, somehow, caused my lack of shoes, and without shoes, I wouldn't be allowed in the restaurant.

Instead, we went into a shop, and walked from room to room. At one point, it became clear that this was not, in fact, a shop, but either a house, or a hotel room. I was no longer accompanied by my family. Lizard was there with me, as was L's old friend M. Also in the room was either L's or M's parents; I think this point changed a few times. There was flirting, then some quick, gentle making out between L., M. and I. The parents seemed to be ignoring this. M. wasn't really M; instead of what she really looks like, she had short, curly dirty blond hair, freckles and full breasts. As far as I know, the real M. has none of these qualities.

Despite being happy about the limerance and lust of the situation, I was concerned, because I somehow knew that M. was going to betray L.

This shortly ceased to be a concern for me though, because I was going to Harvey's to eat. I didn't get my food, though, because shortly after entering the restaurant, I was in a strip club. The staff all seemed earnest, and the place did not seem sleazy. I should note here that I've never been in an actual strip club. At this point, I think Lizard was snuggling up against me, because I recall thinking it very odd that one of the club staff was snuggling up against me. Just as the show was about to start, my alarm went off.

Now I need to get ready to go see the nutritionist again. More on that later.
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LJ is kind of broken right now; free users can't post until bradfitz fixes the site.

So, to save Night Watch, I will post this now.

How many more do you need?



Hmm. I have a lot of posting to do tonight.
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Nutritionist report

Today, I went to see the nutritionist again.

Things went better this time.

On my end; I've found that by following (albeit somewhat loosely) her guidelines, I've lost 3 pounds in just over 2 weeks. I'm not going hungry, but I'm eating about 1/3 to 1/2 what I was before; I was just overeating rather terribly before. If I get nothing else from this, I now have an idea of how much I should be eating.

Apparently the bit about forbidding rice and pasta was because she figured I wouldn't be able to measure out a healthy portion of pasta; I've been given an idea of what "one serving" of pasta should be.

We also went over calculating the %age of calories from fat for store bought stuff.

On the down side, she doesn't think I should eat sushi.

Not because it's fatty or anything, but because raw fish "may contain bacteria or toxins". Riiiight. I will still eat sushi.

Mmm, sushi!
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Recipe time

Fairly simple, but tasty, and relatively healthy dinner tonight;

Take 2 or 3 leftover baked potatoes, and slice relatively thinly.

Fry in < 1tbsp. olive oil, with salt and pepper, until golden and slightly crispy on each side. Take out of pan and set aside.

Odds are, there will be a little bit of olive oil left in the pan. Use it to brown a sliced onion.

Add two chopped up chicken breasts, 3 tbsp of hot salsa and 2 tbsp of mild salsa. Stir. Add in a splash or two of skim milk, and a few pieces of low fat cheese. Cook for a bit.

Serve the chicken and salsa over the potato slices, and add a couple veggies on the side.
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(no subject)

I have a weird shooting, stabbing pain in my left ankle.

I am somewhat curious as to it's origin; I don't remember twisting my ankle or anything like that.

I skipped out on kung fu tonight as a result, and put some arnica cream on it. Hopefully, the pain will fade; I need that ankle for walking and stuff!