April 20th, 2003

smirking half-hawk

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All dressed up and ready to go. I'm wearing my suit, which I bought two years ago to graduate in. The pants are too loose, but I'm wearing a vest that covers up how cinched the waist is. That in itself is a good feeling; at the grad ceremony, all my classmates remarked on how fat I'd gotten in the few months since school ended. So I know that I have at least regained that territory.

Soon, we have to get ourselves moving and out the door, so that we can catch a bus to catch a subway to catch a GO train to catch a cab to my parents' place, where I get to drive us out to somewhere in Mississauga on blurry directions for K.'s wedding reception. The food should be good, though I don't know if we'll have to leave in the middle of dinner to get home at a reasonable hour. If this were a Saturday, it wouldn't be quite so bad, but we both have to get up to go to work tomorrow.
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