June 23rd, 2003

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So, the fallout from Saturday's sunstroke continues...

After sleeping from 6pm to 3:30 am Saturday night, I was up for 20 hours yesterday.

This has left my body very, very confused about when it's supposed to be awake...

I'm feeling like poop today. Nausea, headache that's leaking through the tylenol, and an energy level so low that walking to the bathroom leaves me tired out.

Zil is telling me that I should go home... I'm seriously considering it.

I have just been told to go home or Else. So home I go.

smirking half-hawk

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So, it seems that the universe had a purpose for keeping me home sick; my utilikilt just got delivered. It's a little big; I should have ordered it two inches smaller in the waist, but a belt compensates.

The belt I ordered with the kilt is back ordered. I also had to pay a $40 import charge.
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Well, sleeping for three hours did me a world of good. I think I've still got a full night's sleep in me, though.

The nutritionist weighed me at 7lbs lighter than I was 4 weeks ago, which is a good feeling.

I do not like the weather this week. Going outside... hurts.

Now, to bed.