June 26th, 2003

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Dream report;

I dreamt that a woman and I were looking after a small child. The child's mother, I think, was semperfiona. The child had inherited the memories and skills of her ancestors. The kid was painting, but was painting from his/her ancestral memories, instead of using his/her own mind and creativity. We were trying to teach the child to use his own abilities instead of just echoing what his/her ancestors had done before.

After that, I was taking the brushes (one small and fine, the other longer and bigger) to clean them up in the bathroom at a large social gathering. Most of the people there were family, but I was a guest based on some other criteria.

After cleaning the brushes, I walked to put them away, which somehow took me through the host/hostess's bedroom. The large brush, which had had red paint on it, dripped slightly.

As it turned out, there was a mystical symbol (pentagram with images enclosed) on the floor, under the dresser but on top of the gray carpet. The hostess was very upset, because if blood got on the symbol, it would let out the faeries.

Apparently, that brand of red paint used blood to get the colour, because the faeries/demons started to show up around the house. There was a maniacally laughing leprechaun ventriloquist dummy. While trying to clean up the dripped paint, I met the succubus. The manner in which I kept myself from being trapped by the succubus was... disturbing.

After that, I went into the living room, which was full of demon cats. The central faerie/demon told us that we would have to solve the riddles or else (something) would happen. I think that, like the succubus, the cat thing was trying to get Out, but could only do so if we failed to solve its riddles. the first riddle involved a mountain that was all white. This was somehow connected to a specific cat; all the riddles were.
smirking half-hawk

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So, we just finished watching A Midsummer Night's Dream, the version that hit theatres a few years ago, with half of Hollywood in it. It had been a while since I last saw the play; I'd forgotten bits and pieces.

Lots of fun, Very well done, over all. My only criticism being that I like my Puck a touch nastier.

Now, I'm going to be catching myself trying to think/speak in Iambic pentameter for weeks. Which is a scary thing in a man who barely knows what said meter entails.
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