July 7th, 2003

smirking half-hawk

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So, we just found out that we're going to be losing our apartment at the end of September; the land-people want the basement back for personal use. I suspect that they've got to a point where they don't need the rent to cover their mortgage payments any more.

This means that we'll need to get ourselves a new place. We're going to try a rental agency instead of searching manually; anecdotal experience seems to indicate that it's the right way to go.

We've been talking about moving for a while now; we've kind of outgrown this place, and since we're both working, we can probably afford something a bit bigger. With two bedrooms, so we can have an office. We've just had a quick chat about what we need, and Zil's on the phone with the agent right now.

She's considerably more rattled than I am... but then, I haven't gotten around to panicking yet.