July 27th, 2003


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We spent the day running all over the place yesterday. Much fun. I managed to not spend too much money (i.e., I didn't buy this), but I came away with some nice swag in any case.

I got;

  • some leather bracelets for the Lizard and I (and for Boi #2 is he wants one)

  • A spiked collar that has an attachment for a lock. Not that I plan on locking myself into it, but I thought it was an interesting touch. The spikes are damned sharp, so I may file them down a little.

  • A... well, I don't know the proper term for it. But, a thing that hangs of a belt to hold a rapier scabbard in. So, I can now wear my rapier on a belt properly. Which means that I can go for Hallowe'en as the Dread Pirate Roberts to work this year....

  • A new set of buckle bracers, so I can use one of them to offset the massive bracer I bought at C8

  • A "practical katana". Full tang, hardwood handle, good balance. The only blade we have in the house that's as sharp is our chef's knives. Hopefully, my next martial arts club has a Japanese sword stylist... There's not enough weapons experience in my background.

Had great fun. It's a lot better going around with a big group than it is with just one or two people, since I found that I could always get someone to run around and do the stuff I wanted to with, rather than passing up X or Y because the person I was with didn't feel like it...

I won two of my three pillow fighting on a log matches; the fearsome squeaking Josie defeated me. I sucked at throwing knives, hatchets and spears, as always, but surprisingly, I did ok at archery this year. My suspicion that the "crossbows" suck the ass was confirmed.

I was sorely tempted by a red velveteen jerkin, but there was no way it would have gone around my shoulders...