August 22nd, 2003

smirking half-hawk


I'm mildly grumpy tonight. I should be washing dishes, and making myself a healthy dinner before cleaning and packing.

Instead, I'm having grocery store pizza and Wellington Imperial Stout. There's ice cream for later. I'm going to feel guilty about this later, but it’s what I want now.

It's been a long week. I'm still gimping about on a cane, which makes the commute a lot of fun; I've got my backpack, my heavy pain in the ass laptop bag, and may cane. It's a lot of fun trying to coordinate all three. It's even more fun when I have $50 worth of groceries in my "free" hand while doing this, and getting choked by the laptop over my shoulder.

So, tonight is ice cream, alcohol, video games and my brother's Family Guy DVDs.


*fwoosh* *splatter* MWahahahahahahaha!

I burnpaintmeltfixmakethings!


I'm running around the apartment in my underpants (so nothing gets stained) painting, oiling and lighting things on fire.

I am superproductive!
Moo hoio ha!

Some people may get Stuff out of this.

Edit: Also, new icon just for this!
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facial hair

Well, I gave it two weeks, and I've proved two things to myself; 1) that I can grow a beard in two weeks and 2) that I shouldn't.

I've just gone over my face with my electric razor's sideburn trimmer, and removed most of the face fur. Later (or tomorrow morning) I'll go over it with a blade to finish it off.

So, quinnclub, you're free to re-grow your beard if you want to.
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