October 9th, 2003

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So, this morning, I figured out why I've been so miserable lately. I forgot to take my thyroid meds yesterday, and quite possibly the day before as well. This would explain the sudden onset of depression, paranoia, odd appetite, and having absolutely no energy.

I'm not quite back to normal yet; it'll probably take my body a day to get re-adjusted, but I feel much better than I did last night.
smirking half-hawk

blinded by the Linky, torn up like a Link by the Linkies of the night!

Feds rush to decriminalise pot; So I was wrong, and they're not going to wait for Martin. If they pass this, I suspect that the Liberals might win some traditional NDP supporters over.
We only have HOW much? The traditonal "Oh-shit"ing of a new Provincial government, as McGuinty realises that he can't pay for his promises.
Speaking of "Oh Shit"... Quebec Justice Minister's estranged daughter shows up on a stripper website, and may apparently be linked through strip clubs to the Hell's Angels.
The US isn't the only one to be running around arresting people with new laws in a scary way. I didn't hear about the not withstanding clause being invoked, so it's possible that these guys might be given constitutionally correct treatment.
Canada steps away from a national ID card. For now...

One good thing...

Today has been pretty terrible... Work has been fraught with problems (not my fault, but I'm on call, so everyone was at my desk). My original lunch plans got cancelled, and I didin't even have time to eat in the cafeteria; I've got a tray at my desk.

However, for once, the caf has pulled through with a good lunch. Turkey, stuffing, roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and free ice cream. So, at least I enjoyed my lunch. I'll try to feel guilty about this later, like when I weigh myself at the gym tonight, but after the week I've had thus far, I can justify eating badly to myself.

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