October 23rd, 2003

smirking half-hawk


I do this every year...

I still can't think of a good Halloween costume.


Granted, I'm pretty picky, and have a fairly high expectation of effort on my part. Of course, knowing that I'll want something that takes a lot of effort, combined with no good ideas means I'm likely to end up staying up all night sewing again this year.

Why do I have to make my life difficult? I suppose to do otherwise would be being someone else.

Any costume suggestions?

I was considering Thor, but I didn't think I could make iron gauntlets and a red beard in time.

I keep blanking, then thinking "Ooh Batman!" before realising that I a) don't have the time to make a good batman costume, and b) that I don't actually want to go as Batman.

Zil is suggesting that I let her paint me green and go as the Hulk.