October 25th, 2003


costume decided

After much pondering, I finally made up my mind on the Halloween costume thing.

I'm going as the Green Man, Jack of the Forest. The basic idea is a knight who's part of the woods. I've got all the fabric and the fake greenery that I'll need, I just need to throw it together. Tomorrow and this evening are going to have to be very busy; things to do:

  • Make face mask for Dread Pirate Roberts costume

  • Sew my cloak

  • Sew my tunic

  • Sew my surcoat, and paint on Jack's design

  • Find and possibly carve a staff

  • Build a wreath and other things with my plastic green stuffs.

  • Hem the curtains for the living room

  • Do the sewing on the remaining five of Zil's seven veils

  • Sew Zil's skirt

  • Sew Zil’s top

  • Unpack the last two boxes from the living room

  • Do laundry

  • Go to grocery store and stock up on heavy things

  • Watch the Princess Bride

  • Swing by hardware store to get cable for sound stuffs.

The dishes are almost done, and the bedroom is pretty much put together.

I bought one of the FM transmitters that the_doughboy was talking about, but it doesn't reach to the dining room yet. I'm going to get some cable to extend it out into the living room along the hooks that we've already got.

I want to get a big chunk of the sewing and the rest of the unpacking done tonight. If I finish my costume sewing-wise, Zil can do some of hers while I embellish mine tomorrow, or while I run around getting wires and wood.
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