December 8th, 2003

smirking half-hawk


My memory sucks, so I tend to forget everyone's birthday if I don't get reminded... so I sat down this morning and went through people's LJ userinfo, and put a pile of birthdays into my yahoo calendar; I may not get to wish people happy birthdays on time even with the reminders, but at least I'll *know* I should be wishing people happy birthdays...


Just checked the weather forecast.

Rain, for the next two days. RAIN!


While I'm sure those who got buried in snow weren't too happy about it, I confess that I'd enjoy that sort of thing; a lot of good things in my life have happened during blizzards, and I love tromping through snow.

Any of you want to send me some snow to tromp through? I'll send you some rain in return to clean things up a bit...

Our weather has been clear and cold, and will be warming up so that it can rain. Blah.