December 10th, 2003

smirking half-hawk

the good night, and the bad night

The good;

I left work on time, and made a quick run to the fabric store. The materials I wanted were not only easily found, but I got a deal; for the felt I wanted, it was cheaper to buy the whole bolt as a remnant than to buy the 50cm I wanted. So I got lots.

When I came home, I threw together a black santa hat that looks the way I wanted it to.

Dinner was very tasty.

I got my printer working finally.

I can sleep in a bit tomorrow, since I don't need to be in to work until 9. The reason for this is the dept. xmas lunch downtown, which also means that I get to go home after lunch.

Laundry is done.

The bad;

Lizard is sick. :( We suspect the ugly flu that's going around. She spent some time hugging the toilet making scary sounds but not vomiting. She's in bed now, hopefully asleep. I've also been coughing all day, so I have probably got it too. I may have to tape Lizard to the bed tomorrow morning to keep her form working.

After being annoyed with someone else for leaving laundry in the machines, which caused me to have to spend 3 hours running to the laundry room every 30 minutes to swap loads around, I let the last 2 30 minute cycles run together. So, of course when I went to get the laundry after sending Lizard to bed, there was a nasty note on the dryer when I went to get the last two loads.
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