December 19th, 2003

smirking half-hawk

good and bad

Some good things;

  • It looks like the 24th will be a pseudo half day; the second half will be spent eating sushi then seeing the Lord of the Rings with people from work, and, hopefully, a Lizard.

  • I think the cute girl at the LCBO yesterday was flirting with me. She looked at me and asked what kind of programming I did; she said she could tell by my uniform (work clothes). She had the air of a SF/F type person. I didn't think of witty things to say until later, of course. Some day, I'll have to figure out how this flirting thing is supposed to work.

  • I solved an annoying problem at work just now.

  • The thing I was working on is finished enough for tonight... though not completely finished, which is what I'd been hoping for.

  • BELCH tonight!

  • Got my expense cheque for the cab rides I paid for on hell day last month.

  • I actually can't think of as many bad things as good things for once!

Some less good things;

  • Due to craftiness and alarm clocks, didn't sleep enough. Tired and somewhat grumpy.

  • Paint dripped because I was hurrying this morning. I think I can fix it with sandpaper.

  • Increasing frustration with my own insufficient communication skills.