January 12th, 2004

smirking half-hawk

monday morning

I made in it to work this morning a minute or so after sunrise. The dark made it a lot easier to sleep on the bus. I woke up the same time I always do when I'm coming in to work, but since I dyed my hair last night, I didn't need to wash it (which cuts out 10 minutes from my shower) and I shaved off 4 days beard growth last night (another 5 minutes or so), and I didn't need to look for gym clothes, so my morning routine was actually down to less than an hour.

I seriously need to do laundry; I have since last week, but lack of quarters followed by lack of time has made it difficult before today. It wasn't very good planning on the part of the building designers to put an apartment (only one on that floor!) right next to the laundry room. The result is that the laundry room is effectively closed at 10:30, which means that, once allowances are made for conflicting with other people's laundry, it's not safe to start laundry much after 7pm. The unit could probably have been put to better use as another storage room or something. It was probably originally intended as the superintendant's unit, but it hasn't been for some time.

neeuqdrazil and I need to book ourselves a weekend alone together at some point... probably in February some time. Partly because we need to spend a day or so on the apartment (though that alwyas seem to be the case...), but mostly because we need to spend a weekend dating each other again; we've been running divergent social lives again recently, only really spending time together when we're sleeping.

I also want to set aside a night in Feb. for a gothclubbing night; it's been too long since I danced last. Anyone want to come? Anyone have a preferred weekend?