January 22nd, 2004

smirking half-hawk

two good things

  1. Lost weight this week. Or at least I had as of Tuesday; belt slipping a notch tighter despite longjohns this morning seems to support this.

  2. Got the last of the 30 skill points in Ratchet and Clank last night. Now I only need to get the last few bonus weapons and the last handful of platinum bolts to have totally drained the game of its last dregs of entertainment value.

smirking half-hawk


Ok, so I might be able to get some sleep tonight. I'm too tired to worry any more, tonight. I was able to ge 30 min of sleep downstairs before everyone else got home and started being noisy.

Hopefully passing my driver's test tomorrow will cheer me up... I'm really short tempered right now, and I've had to restrain myself several times from snapping at people who probably didn't deserve it.

Just waiting now for my parents to go to bed so I can go back to sleep. If I get paged tonight, I think I may kill everyone, everywhere.